Dr. Ivan Mikhailovich Petyaev, MD, PhD

Dr. Ivan Mikhailovich Petyaev, MD, PhDDr. Ivan Petyaev is a medical doctor, practicing cardiologist, researcher and inventor of new technologies for pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals, functional food, personalized diagnostics and cosmetic industries.

Ivan has wide experience in driving his discoveries and inventions from lab and clinical product developments to the market.  He is the CEO of Lycotec Ltd. and the inventor of the Carocelle process for enhancing bioavailability of orally delivered drugs and nutritional bioactives.  The Carocelle process has demonstrated the ability to create highly differentiated nutraceuticals with the highest bioavailability – lycopene for cardiovascular health, lutein-zeaxanthin for cognition and retina health, and resveratrol for regeneration and cell protection.

Dr. Petyaev’s projects have at different times been supported by Cambridge University, the British Heart Foundation and the Department of Trade and Industry.

Lycotec was ranked at the highest tier of best European Innovation Companies by Eureka’s Eurostars Programme.

Recently its oral delivery technology received Award at the World Liver Targeting Conference for its value and potential.

Dr. Roberto Crea

Dr. Roberto CreaDr. Roberto Crea is a successful serial entrepreneur in the biotechnology and nutraceutical industries. Following his early career at Leiden University and City of Hope, Dr. Crea became one of the founding scientists at Genentech Inc. in 1978. Dr. Crea was Genentech’s first director of the Nucleic Acid Department and one of the four members of Genentech’s initial scientific team. Dr. Crea was instrumental in developing the first three drugs developed by Genentech and it’s corporate partners: human insulin; gamma and beta interferons; and human growth hormone. Dr. Crea is the sole inventor of the first to US patents issued to Genentech (4,310,662 and 4,393,010) and is been granted 24 additional US patents over the span of his entrepreneurial career. Over the past 26 years, Dr. Crea has founded, lead, and taken to successful commercialization several biotech companies including Creative Biomolecules, Creagen, Inc. acquired by Elan) and Bioren, Inc. (acquired by Pfizer).

Since founding CreAgri, Inc. in 2000, Dr. Crea has been focused on the health potential of olive polyphenols.  Dr. Crea is the inventor of the Integrale®, the key to stabilizing hydroxyrosol and olive polyphenols to create the patented Hidrox® used in OliveWell®.