Carocelle Delivery

Carocelle delivery technology provides superior clinically validated bioavailability and bio efficacy of a spectrum of key nutrients. It is a patented Micelles Formation Technology – licenced from: Lycotec, Cambridge, UK, a company established by Cambridge University scientists including Dr. Ivan Petyaev, MD, PhD.

MicelleLycopene and lutein are fat-soluble molecules; they will not dissolve in water. For our bodies to use fat-soluble nutrients like lycopene, or vitamin A, D, E or K, it needs to surround them in a structure that can act like an emulsifier to make it “dissolve”—much like soap can dissolve oils from dirty dishes.

Our bodies have a process for making these fat-soluble nutrients absorbable. First, the liver forms bile acids and then conjugates them to form bile salts, which the gall bladder secretes. These bile salts surround molecules of lipids and other fat-soluble nutrients forming a water-soluble micelle molecule containing the fat-soluble nutrient “cargo” in its center. These micelles can then be absorbed by the small intestine.

Forming micelles takes time and requires ample amounts of bile salts. Until the micelle structures are formed, the fat-soluble nutrients like lycopene and lutein are subject to damage from the stomach acids.

Resveratrol has very low solubility in water, which affects our bodies abilities to absorb it. Once resveratrol is ingested (either with food or as a supplement) it is subject to oxidation (since it is a powerful antioxidant) and breakdown by intestinal enzymes. Resveratrol also has extremely low bioavailability—one study suggests approximately 0.5% of ingested resveratrol actually enters the bloodstream in “unchanged” form. 

MedVitál lutein, lycopene and resveratrol products use the patented Carocelle® delivery system developed by Dr. Ivan Petyaev, MD, PhD. to encase the nutraceutical “cargo” in a pre-made micelle structure. The Carocelle process is the result of 10 years of research at Cambridge University and its spin-off biotech company, Lycotec Ltc. By using pre-formed micelles, the body does not have to wait for bile salts to form, be secreted and form micelles in the stomach before the body can begin absorbing the lycopene. As a result, MedVital Bio-Lycopene achieves superior bioavailability.

In studies by Lycotec, the Carocelle process showed superior bioavailability in blood levels far greater than any other delivery method tested.